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Some game play for Peril of Alchemy (v0.02)

Developing Providence of Alchemy

Game play is primarily of the form ‘Starting Map’ and a ‘Goal Map’ which is reachable through activating (Double touching/Clicking) certain tiles on the map. Each tile type does something mildly different depending on the elements of adjacent tiles. All (Excluding Aether (Grey) or Empty) has a different effect from opposite (Same exclusion).

Demo Here

This is meant to be a simple method for me to learn to do UIs and the like, which were shown to be a major deficit of mine when I participated in the LD#23. While the project was something that I’ve been working on for some time, I put it on hiatus to mess around with other stuff (Namely improving my LD#23 entry). Either way, I figured I’d at least go out and finish this thing and get some practice creating UIs at the same time.

Currently Implemented Features
-Element Activation (Double clicking any ‘element’ tile) For details
-Creator Spells: Hooked up to the UI.
-Basic animations (Which help to identify which tiles were ‘touched’ by a given Element Activation)

Partially Implemented Features
-Puzzle Mode: Implemented the ability to load a puzzle and play it to completion, not hooked into the UI though. Plays as Starting map to a Goal.
-Random Mode: Implemented and partially playable, however no ‘goal’ as of yet. Trying to decide what the random goal should be. ‘Element Victory’ seems to be the primary.

To Do Features
-Puzzle Mode Listing: Add in the ability to navigate through previously created puzzles, then load/play them.
-Random Mode: Actually add it to the UI so that it can be accessed.

Possible Features
-Undo/Redo: Trying to decide on this and how I would do it.

Description of Effects here

Screen of Random Game

Screen of Random Game